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iTunes 9 on Windows 7 x64 using the Intel P55 chipset has problems with iPhone.
Having trouble syncing your iPhone with a PC based on the Intel P55 chipset and running Windows 7 x64, then you are not alone. For the past few weeks, complaints from users running this combination have been clogging a thread on Apple's discussion board. The posts report that, in most cases, iTunes 9 for Windows will recognize the iPhone, but when a sync is attempted, users get this "error 0xE8000065" - an iPhone-connection failure notification.

Check out Apple's discussion board here.

Free Microsoft security tool locks down buggy applications.
Microsoft has released a free tool designed to harden software applications against attacks that exploit common security vulnerabilities.
EMET, short for Enhanced Mitigation Evaluation Toolkit, allows developers and administrators to add specific security protections to applications.

Check out Microsoft's EMET here.

Mass web page infections rise to almost 6 million pages.
An estimated 5.8 million pages belonging to 640,000 websites were infected with code designed to launch malware attacks on visitors, according to a recent report.
The numbers, compiled over the third quarter by security firm Dasient, represent a significant jump in number of legitimate websites that have been compromised. According to numbers Microsoft released on April, some 3 million pages were infected.

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VMware Workstation 7 hypervisor.
In the wake of last week's Windows 7 full release, VMware is kicking out its Workstation 7 hypervisor for x86 and x64 machines, as well as its companion for Apple Macs, Fusion 3.
The hypervisor supports 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems and allows up to four virtual processors and 32 GB of memory to be allocated to each VM guest environment running on it.

Check out VMware Workstation 7 here.